Lake Washington Credits

Friends of Seward Park is an all volunteer organization
Many individuals have generously donated their time to preserve the unique habit
and cultural legacy of this historic park

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In addition to working a real job and raising a family, Paul Talbert has spent a tremendous amount of time researching and writing the natural history sections on this page. These are also available in brochure form at both the Camp Long Nature Center and the Seward Park Nature Center.

Fred Stark and Stewart Wechsler have provided immeasurable help in providing background material and in identifying plants for the plant checklist.

Male mallard Many thanks to Michael Hobbs, who in proofreading the first Friends of Seward Park Bird Checklist noted that we'd forgotten to include that most ubiquitous of ducks, the Mallard.
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The 1917 Automobile Club Map of Seattle on the opening page is used courtesy of The General Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.

The Seattle Municipal Archives has a wonderful on-line collection of historical Seattle photographs, including views of Seward Park dating back to the beginning of the last century.

CalPhotos, located at the University of California at Berkeley, offers a remarkable collection of free natural history photographs for use by non-profit and/or educational groups. Please credit the photographers when you download and publish their photos.

Barbara Samuelson has some amazing on-line photos of Alaskan Bald Eagles. Her photo of a Bald Eagle in flight is currently perched on the Birds page. Please write to her before downloading any of her images.

Don Baccus also has a lovely on-line collection of bird photos. His magnificent Great Blue Heron photo will always grace the opening of our Bird List page. Please respect his copyright if you use his photos.

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