Friends of Seward Park Friends of Seward Park
strive to build community through stewardship,
recreation, and environmental education.
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We are volunteers
working in cooperation with park visitors
and the Seattle Parks Department
to preserve and enhance

Solitary pursuits and active recreation

Environmental education and park stewardship

Forest and lake habitats for wildlife diversity
and human enjoyment

Join Us.

The Friends of Seward Park meet on the 2nd Saturday of most months at 9:30 - 11:00 am in the Seward Park Audubon Center, 5902 Lake Washington Boulevard, near the park entrance.


Installed stone mile markers in response to organizations spray painting lines on the lower loop asphalt.

Wrote grants for, and planted hundreds of trees and shrubs at Seward Park and along Lake Washington Boulevard.

Received a $10,000 grant to remove English Ivy, an invasive plant that threatens the Old-Growth forest.

Supplied Teens for Recreation and Environmental Conservation (“TREC”) with $1,000 to train teens to conduct nature programs in the park.

Sponsored Holiday Hayrides to help foster a sense of community.

Received a grant from the Washington Native Plant Society to restore some of the understory of the Garry oak ecosystem (Clark's Prairie).

Assisted in trail maintenance and developed a Comprehensive Trail Plan.

Created appropriate trail signage for the park.

Led the community in celebrating Seward Park's Centennial in 2011.

Published the book Cherries, Lanterns, and Gates: Japanese and Japanese-American Cultural Gifts in Seattle's Parks in 2011, 2nd edition 2014.

Worked with the Filipino American National Historical Society to develop a historical presentation on Pinoy Hill in Seward Park.

Conduct outreach at neighborhood and ethnic festivals.

Working with Seattle Parks and Recreation and researchers from the University of Washington to understand the large fern die-off in the Magnificent Forest.

Working with Seattle's Department of Neighborhoods and the Seattle Parks Foundation to replace the Seward Park Torii (Japanese Gate) that stood in the park for 50 years.

Celebrated Setsubun (Japanese bean-throwing holiday) with local community.

Publish the natural and human history of Seward Park on this website.

Provide a voice for park-related concerns and a forum for discussion at monthly meetings.

Advocate for responsible park stewardship in our work with the Seattle Parks Department.

Preserve, protect, and provide for this unique park, ensuring the enjoyment of future generations.

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Board Members

Paul Talbert

Lizabeth Coller

Ted Weinberg

Board Members-at-Large
Patricia Killam
Grover Haynes
Steve Rinn

Project Committees

Forest Stewards and Researchers
Paul Shannon
Catherine Alexander
Tim Billo
Nelson Salisbury
Al Smith
Matthew Aghai

Torii Committee Members
David Berger
Lizabeth Coller
Tia Higano
Jan Medley
Karen O'Brien
Joan Seko
Paul Talbert
John Thorpe
Kenji Ushimaru
Ted Weinberg
Shannon Glass -- SPR Project Manager

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